Monday, 3 February 2014

Book Review : Bear Feels Sick

~Medha is 35.5 months old~

I must thank Devaki for sending me this book as part of February theme, Love Makes Our World Go Round, subscription kit from Little Reader's Nook.

Title : Bear Feels Ill
Author : Karma Wilson
Age : 3-7 years
Pages : 40
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Childrens Books


The story is all about a bear who feels sick  and how his friends take good care of him and comfort him as best they can until he begins to FEEL BETTER.

On a windy, autumn day and Bear in his cave feeling awful; sneezing, achy and all stuffed up. His friends, Hare, Mouse, Badger, Gopher, Mole, Raven, Owl and Wren come over to play only to find that their friend has a cold. They all pitch in to help take care of Bear. They build a fire, feed him broth and wipe his head with a cool, wet cloth. The birds go gather herbs so that mouse can make tea and they tuck him in, all cozy and warm. “The friends fuss and fret. The friends cook and care. They keep a close eye on their poor sick Bear.” They walk around on toes, whisper and softly sing until finally poor bear falls asleep.The next morning Bear wakes up and he’s all better, only to find that his friends are now all sick! Bear tells all his friends, “You’ll soon feel like new. You took care of me…now I’ll take care of you.”

What young children will like?

  • This book has a wonderful, catchy rhyme and repetition that young kids love.
  • Jane Chapman illustrations are beautiful and draws children attention.
  • It’s obvious from the pictures that the friends care very much for their friend and are all working together to help. In a few of the pictures the friends are drawing pictures to give to Bear to cheer him up, which is something that young children can relate to as something they could do to help someone who is sick.
  • Vocabulary used in the book. There are a lot of new and simple words that can catch the kid's attention quickly to learn. 

Medha liked it ?

  • Medha loved the strong friendship between animals. 
  • She related herself with bear while reading some of the pages. 
  • I am sure she got to hear and know lot of new vocabulary words in this book like " autumn, achy, heap, whiffs and wheezes, mutters, mumbles, grumbles, soothes, coax, smidgen, quivers, frolic, sneezing, sniffing" etc.  
  • By end of the book, she was expecting a happy ending. So she was little disappointed at the end, as friends fell sick now. 
  • She herself tried reading this book using the new words she heard while reading aloud almost 3-4 times in 4 hours. 


5/5 (Except her disappointment about ending of the book, she loved each page and each picture of the book. ) 

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